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Pat Sollows Biography 

Pat Sollows was born on March 7,1950, in Halifax Nova Scotia. She received her Bachelor of Fine Art from Nova Scotia College of Art & Design University in 1993. Pat Sollows has had a studio practice for the past 30 years. Her work has been shown in University Galleries as well as commercial galleries throughout Canada and the United States. Patricia is a recent recipient in 2014 of the Established Artist Recognition Award from Arts Nova Scotia. She is also a recipient of 4 Creation Grants and a Presentation Grant from the Nova Scotia Department of Tourism & Culture. She also has had 4 works purchased by the Art Bank of Nova Scotia. Patricia works in her Island studio in Tiverton Nova Scotia. 

“My painting is an attempt to merge two areas of common existence that we are at pains within our culture to keep separate. These two areas might be thought of as (a.) phenomena that may be observed empirically or (b.) that which is closer to a rhythm that must be felt, as opposed to described. We tend to imbue the natural world with the latter much more easily than we can our own human existence. I experience my life as directly interrelated to the earth’s flora and fauna. 

The imagery that I choose to work with is often contained within a matrix of these elements, and its import assigned new status through the use of formal strategies such as scale, value, colour and pattern. . I am influenced by numerous aspects of scientific research, culturally diverse contemplative disciplines, and pop culture as my work is consistently searching for the sacred in our contemporary world.